Monday, November 23, 2020

You Vill Report Your Neighbors Comrade, And You Vill Not Post This Meme!

Ah! Now I see what the BLM crowd meant by “re-imagining how law enforcement works in this country.”

And here we were all worrying – unnecessarily it turns out - that they meant replacing cops with social workers. Fear not comrades: they had something altogether different in mind. Something a little more…Schutzstaffel-ly; and we’re all being deputized.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown wants residents to call the police on their neighbors over violations of the state’s latest coronavirus shutdown, which includes a six-person limit on in-home gatherings.

The temporary “freeze,” which went into effect Wednesday, restricts indoor at-home and social gatherings to six people from no more than two households, with no exceptions for Thanksgiving dinner get-togethers. – WT

And about that ‘defunding the police’ plan of theirs - they may need to rethink it altogether. Where they’re heading they need a bigger police force, not smaller.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz's tweet sends controversial message ahead of  Thanksgiving holiday | KFOX

Wow, I can’t wait to see what these Nazis do with Christmas.

“Gretch the Grinch”

Trenton Michigan restaurant, closed down by Wretched Gretchen’s executive order for the 2nd time this year, provides editorial comment in front of his shuttered-except-for-takeout restaurant.

WARNING: This message has not been approved by Herr Zuckerberg for posting.