Tuesday, November 17, 2020

‘Whoa, I’m A Ghost, Living In A Ghost Town’

I have lots to do before heading off to the surgery center for Raj’s knee replacement so I leave you with a song in honor of Governor Gretch’s re-imposition of the statewide shutdown as of tomorrow.

It’s a newish  Stones song released earlier this year that captures the current cootie zeitgeist.  Welcome to Living In A Ghost town 2.0. And be prepared for many, many subsequent updates unless we the people reclaim our freedom and demand the right to determine for ourselves whether we wish to wear motorcycle helmets or not.


     Whoa, oh, whoa, oh

I'm a ghost
Living in a ghost town
I'm a ghost
Living in a ghost town

You can look for me
But I can't be found
You can search for me
I had to go underground
Life was so beautiful
Then we all got locked down
Feel a like ghost
Living in a ghost town, yeah

Once this place was humming
And the air was full of drumming
The sound of cymbals crashing
Glasses were all smashing
Trumpets were all screaming
Saxophones were blaring
Nobody was caring if it's day or night

Whoa, oh, whoa, oh

I'm a ghost
Living in a ghost town
I'm going nowhere
Shut up all alone

So much time to lose
Just staring at my phone

Every night I am dreaming
That you'll come and creep in my bed
Please let this be over
Not stuck in a world without end

Whoa, oh, whoa, oh
Whoa, oh, whoa, oh, oh…

Keith Richards/Michael Jagger
       Will report back later, but surgery’s not scheduled until 1:00 pm so it will be a good while. Do behave.