Saturday, January 23, 2021

We Are On Correct Path Comrades, Edition 153

Thank goodness our Figurehead New World Order el Presidente (FINWOP) has rejoined the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization. That means we can have nice things again.

Such as indoor dining** which in Democrat states has become as rare as free speech and other First Amendment rights. Now that Trump is gone – quelle surprise! – Covid is not so scary. We’ve got the new vaccines, the number of Covid positives and deaths appear to have been overstated and now we can get about reopening the economy. 

Transparency, – it’s back baby!

The Saga Continues - AMP

And every bit as transparent as ever. So get out there and Caturday. The world hangs in balance once again.

cat upside down transparent


**Here in Michigan Wretched Gretchen announced yesterday that she has issued another pandemic order to reopen the restaurants that she closed (for the second time in a year) 2 months back to indoor dining. Of course that is limited to 25% capacity with social distancing, a limit of 100 patrons max 6 per table and closure by 10 PM - because we all know that the coronavirus becomes hyper-active at night. Oh, and you must of course provide contact information upon arrival.

So please say hello to Dr. Weao Copac, my new alter-ego.

 motus we are one correct path 2h/t, as always, to Vereteno, MOTI and former citizen of the former USSR


"If the governor thinks 25% is adequate, perhaps Gov. Whitmer should only receive 25% of her salary.”