Sunday, February 28, 2021

More Leadership Lessons From Governor Cuomo

I confess, I haven’t been following this story closely:

Second former aide accuses Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment

bennet2Charlotte Bennett, a young looking 25

But shouldn’t the headline read “Second former aide accuses Emmy-award winner and best selling author Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment” you know, in deference to all his iconic accomplishments?

Andrew Cuomo's book sells 11,800 copies, lands on best sellers list

Now you can’t blame me for enjoying the few times the left decides to get rid of some of their baggage by applying their rules to one of their own. I would imagine that the over-under pools for how long the Guv still has in office have been hyper-active this weekend. And I’ve certainly enjoyed the comment section at the NYT article about this: what the devil is this cancel culture thing?! Take Alex G’s lament for example -

“Are we living in such a dystopian society where a man can’t flirt with a colleague without being cancelled?…It’s a scary world we are going to live in when people have to live in fear how their comments will be interpreted.”

Yes, Alex, we are, and it is; thank you for pointing that out. And probably for helping create it.

Can we all recognize now that the halls of political power have become the new Hollywood for young people seeking fame and fortune? Accordingly, politics has and always has had its own casting couch culture. Given that fact it is not at all surprising that the left believed they could take Trump out with allegations of sexual misconduct in our oh-so-sensitive #MeToo world. After all, haven’t we seen time and again that when you control the press you control the narrative, be it true or false.

What this latest saga clearly demonstrates above all else is just how right Rush Limbaugh was all along: the media couldn’t destroy Trump because they didn’t make him. The story’s corollary though is just as interesting: when you are a completely media-made man it is quite simple to take you down. Buh-bye Andrew.

Andrew Cuomo, New York's Covid hero, is on the ropes | World | The Sunday  TimesOopsie! No Do-overs this time.

You probably should have stuck with Sandra Lee, Andrew, even though she was only semi-homemade.

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