Thursday, March 4, 2021

Space X: The Stolen Ending

stolen x 2

Best headline of the week, so far:

“SpaceX Starship Rocket Lands Successfully But Then Explodes”

It contains everything one has come to expect from media coverage: a lead with a disingenuous “fact” intended to muddle the case then stick the “landing” with all the sensationalism one can muster. Damn! They are good.

Granted, the rest of the operation was most impressive:

But unfortunately the patient died.

spaxe x 10 explodes after apparent safe landingSpace X explodes after landing

It’s enough to make you think that Space X’s victory was stolen at the very end. I doubt, however, that will deter Elon Musk from trying again.

It sort of reminds me of when Trump won the 2020 election only to have it stolen at the very end.



I doubt that will deter President Trump either.