Monday, March 1, 2021

Good Morning From Somewhere

Sunrise in fogSunrise Somewhere in Northville

I’m  pre-posting this open thread for Monday whereas I’m not sure where I’ll be in the morning.  It’s currently 1:00 am and Raj and I are at the University of Michigan hospital awaiting an available room most likely at their satellite hospital down the road a piece. His cardio monitor started showing multiple incidents of tachycardia Sunday afternoon and the oncall doc called 3 times to tell him to get to an emergency room. Being stubborn he ignored the first 2 but I took the last call around 8:00 pm and here we are, where we should have been this afternoon.

Long story short, they administered some drug to get his heart back in rhythm – I know many of you have been there and done that. He’s doing fine but obviously they want to keep him overnight for additional monitoring and from the looks of it that might be accomplished right here in the ER.

So that’s all from MOTUS central for now, will check in sometime in the morning, assuming I’ve managed to get a couple hours shuteye and my phone isn’t dead.

Your prayers are most welcomed.