Monday, March 15, 2021

Let’s Be Careful Out There, Peeps

Feeling a bit stabby today are we?

stabby coldframe

Perfectly understandable, it is the Ides of March after all. On this day in 44 BC Caesar was assassinated on the steps of the Roman Senate by a coalition of friends and foe. Here we are, nearly 2100 years later, and nobody’s learned nuthin’. Following the Left’s virtual stabbing of President Trump we find ourselves in a situation not dissimilar to Rome’s:

The men who murdered Caesar considered themselves as “liberators” of the republic. Whatever may have been their motives, they seem to have taken little thought as to how Rome would be governed after they had killed their tyrant. If they thought that the senate would take up the powers it had lost, and successfully rule the republic, they were grievously mistaken. The only leading man of the senate who had survived the last civil war was Cicero; but Cicero with all his learning and eloquence could not take the place of Caesar. What Rome needed was what the liberators had taken from her, a master mind of broad views and of great executive power. We need not be surprised that the death of Caesar was followed by confusion and dismay.

Yesterday’s Twitter free-for-all rumor about the Cootie stimulus checks going out under President Trump’s signature rather than President Place Holder Biden’s -

trump signature on checks

while not true, illustrates a certain level of disfunction never-the-less. I for one am sorry it’s only half true (Biden’s name won’t be on the checks, but neither will Trump’s) because it would have given weight to the theory that Donald Trump really is the rightful President.

Well anyway, do be mindful that we are living in an age where most people are feeling a little stabby. It would be wise to heed the warnings.

Caesar [To the Soothsayer]: The ides of March are come.

Soothsayer: Ay, Caesar; but not gone

Even the squishy peeps can be dangerous in such times.

The staging of “Julius Peeper”ides of march peep

So I’m just saying…let’s be careful out there.

peeps ides of marchCleanup on aisle 5!