Monday, September 6, 2021

Labor Day 2021: Burn ‘em While You Still Can

Originally Labor Day in this country was created to honor the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

labor-day-celebration-1938-detroit-afl-unionLabor Day parade, Detroit, 1938

The current White House Resident, ‘good old Joe from Scranton,’ has chalked up more days marching in Labor Day Parades in the course of his very political career than most U.S. residents have worked in the past year.

bidenJoe, always running for something, celebrating the little guy on Labor Day

Such ironies are lost on members of Joe’s New Socialist Democratic party, who are currently more consumed by fear of the latest COVID variant. It’s also lost on members of the media who are consumed with keeping the fear alive and stoked.

So we find ourselves celebrating Labor Day this year with perhaps the lowest U.S. labor participation rate in recorded history…along with the impressive inflation not seen since the 70s.

inflation protest 1973 nyNew York 1973 protest against rising food prices

This Labor Day, now that Good Ole Joe is in charge of everything, ground chuck is a bit higher.

ground chuck

For that you can thank the New Socialist Democrats along with their New Socialist Republican buddies.

But if you can still afford to, get out there this fine Labor Day and grill up some burgers. Who knows, in a year from now the only people who will be able to afford meat anymore may well be our political elites. So I say burn ‘em while you still can.

grilled burgers