Tuesday, September 7, 2021

What Dreams May Come…


“To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…” – Hamlet Act 3, Scene 1

As part of my on-again-off-again sabbatical I’m posting SrDem’s last comment on yesterday’s thread for your consideration:

A night nothing much: We're all tired of the fight for freedom, of the constant lies and spin, and it seems there's no end in sight. We know that every year the 'common flu' kills tens of thousands of people, but we never went into a lockdown or worse.

It's looking like this is a "flu', but not a common one and raises the question that could it have been better to let the virus run it's course the same way the 'common flu' did. Once we're all infected, there's no more to be done.

More 'caravans' coming from S. America. We know why they're coming here, we're not monsters, but we don't have the means to or the resources to accommodate them.

Big Motor is shutting down for lack of important pieces to finish the vehicle. What next?

Some idiot is planning a multi billion dollar 'city' somewhere in America's desert. The plan is for some kind of utopia where fossil fuels are forbidden and everyone uses a bike to get around. The plan as presented is so stupid it requires an idiot mind to believe it could work. One of our desert states will be chosen for this ridiculous 'city'. One only needs to ask how the tall buildings will be constructed without the fossil fuel equipment and the plan falls apart before it begins.

Now I'm tired, going to dream about nice things.

And then morning breaks…

sunset sleeping bear national park

and who knows what dreams may come…