Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Bad Remake Of Groundhog Day In America. Every.Single.Day.

It’s like Every. Single. Day. is Groundhog Day around here. Same news every morning.

  • 60,0000 migrants headed to crash our borders and take over the country (nobody seems to know why, or how to to stop it).

Maybe it’s because the person who’s ostensibly “in charge” of the border is busy making videos with kids instead of meeting with the heads of state whose countries these “migrants” are migrating through unchecked. Yesterday we discovered that Kamala’s video, “Get Curious with Vice President Harris” consisted exclusively of child actors carefully selected for their diverse ethnicity – and ability to look like a STEM student.

Vice President Kamala Harris welcomes five kids aged 12-14 years old for a conversation for a YouTube Special, Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021, at the Vice President’s Residence in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)
I’m not saying these kids aren’t STEM students but as they all have agents odds are they aren’t.

I’m curious why they felt they needed fake kids, they just sat there stoically listening to Kamala’s fake orgasm. Makes sense I guess: fake kids, fake enthusiasm, fake Veep. Let’s Go Brandon!

Other Groundhog Day incidents recently noted around the country:

  •  “Supply chain” problems continue, creating massive shortages and outages across the country as ships back up at ports (nobody seems to know why or how to stop it), containers back up at shipping terminals (nobody seems to have a handle on why or how to fix it).

Maybe we should put Kamala in charge of supply chain problems too.

  • Labor shortages, instead of contracting, continue to grow in every business segment from restaurants to hospitals, to airlines.

Weird: wherever you pay people not to work there’s a shortage of workers and wherever you mandate vaccines there are labor shortages.

sw lets go brandon

Conversely, whenever you pay people to break the law, they will do so willingly.

vamos brando

Huh. I wonder how we could possibly get a handle on this ongoing mystery?

trump miss me yet


ETA this postscript from Michael Walsh:

Today, the economy is in chaos, supply chains have been disrupted, inflation is soaring, race relations are poisonous, crime including murder is way up, the energy business is assaulted on all fronts even as the industrialized nations face the prospect of a winter without reliable power, and China is rattling its plastic sabers.

And yet the befuddled Biden’s principal concern is forcing a thoroughly anti-American, unconstitutional series of vaccination “mandates” on the American work force that has—thankfully—finally brought the country to its boiling point.

Let’s go, Brandon!