Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Sun Rises Everywhere

A few random, loosely related thoughts for a rainy Sunday:

How did this happen? By banishing morals and ethics from our institutions in the name of “fairness” and “equity” and replacing them with relativism and subjectivism which are the playgrounds of scoundrels. It happened when we allowed moral evaluation to be displaced by perception, received wisdom, and “consensus” defined as majority opinion; by allowing truth to be replaced by relativism and subjectivism, both of which spring from the domain of feelings.

feelings ethicsThis means something very different to liberals than it does to conservatives and libertarians: please discuss amongst yourselves.

Hint: Some believe that feelings need to be guided by rational arguments while some believe it’s the other way around.

But don’t let me and my musings disturb your second Sunday in October – there are only 3 more this year to enjoy. My advice:



snowflake coffee 22

And remember:

old barn at sunrise

The sun rises everywhere, even through the ruins.