Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Do Not Doubt Me

The Left’s credo: Never, ever, ever let a good crisis go to waste.

FEMA chief says powerful storms ‘new normal’ in era of climate change.

As usual of course the existing facts don’t support her stupid claim.

Mind you, the US didn’t even have a nationwide Doppler Radar system during the 1954-74 tornado cycle. It wasn’t installed until the mid-90s and has been significantly updated ever since so we are now reporting previously undetectable tornadic events.

So who knows how many tornadoes there actually were between 1954-74. It wouldn’t have been less but it could have been more – much more, maybe double the number reported! (see how you can make racist math work for you too!?)

So remember: if you heard it from the head of one of our Deep State alphabet bureaucracies it is most likely not true. The primary reason these agencies exist anymore is to propagate the Left’s Big Lies. e.g.

  • DOJ: January 6 Insurrection
  • FBI: Russian Collusion
  • FEMA: Climate Change
  • IRS: Targeting Political Enemies

The Left will remain in perpetual crisis mode not just because it’s good for the Legacy Media’s bottom line but because its the truest, shortest path to power and control.

Do not doubt me.

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