Thursday, December 16, 2021

Throwback Christmas Cookies

It’s Throwback Thursday! And Christmas is right around the corner!

If we weren’t packing up for our trip to the mountain bunker for the winter I’d be making a batch of throwback Christmas cookies today.


With a recipe from my throwback Christmas cookie recipe book

aunt jenny's christmas cookies

With my old throwback cookie press.

spritz-best-christmas-cookies-christmas-baking - Copy

I’d probably not be using my old throwback spices, as we all now that they should be discarded after 6 months. Nobody told our Moms that; back before the great disposable society those rusty little suckers would be tucked away in a corner of the cupboard for decades on end. In fact, but for the decorations, these could have been my Mom’s:


Well anyway, no baking for me today. I have to finish packing, cleaning and fretting about what I’ve forgotten to pack/clean. So I’m out of here. But don’t let that stop you. Christmas cookies make everything better.


*sigh* I wish I had time to make a batch of the very slow Springerles that Raj’s father used to love.