Monday, January 10, 2022

Muttday: I Identify As A Dog

In case you doubted my original report of the Utah Department of Health survey re. eligibility for monoclonal antibody treatment favoring minorities, I submit this:

In New York, racial minorities are automatically eligible for scarce COVID-19 therapeutics, regardless of age or underlying conditions. In Utah, "Latinx ethnicity" counts for more points than "congestive heart failure" in a patient’s "COVID-19 risk score"—the state’s framework for allocating monoclonal antibodies. And in Minnesota, health officials have devised their own "ethical framework" that prioritizes black 18-year-olds over white 64-year-olds—even though the latter are at much higher risk of severe disease. – Washington Free Beacon

I recall when I first reported this there were several jokes about Utah being the whitest state in the Union, which it is not, that honor goes to Lady Biki’s new home state of Maine. Thanks to the recent influx of former Mexican citizens over the past 10 years (aka “Hispanic” and/or “Latinx”) Utah is not even in the top 10 anymore. At #12 its just ever-so-slightly ahead of the great Democrat bastions of Minnesota (#13)  and Oregon (#15).

map-whitest-namesYay! We’re #12!

Even my not-quite-electrolyte-balanced brain is still functioning enough to recognize that the country has gone race-crazy in unpredictable and dangerous ways. Also anti-constitutional ways but that doesn’t carry much clout anymore.

In order to implement their patently illegal policies the states are relying on the FDA.

"The FDA has acknowledged that in addition to certain underlying health conditions, race and ethnicity ‘may also place individual patients at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19,’" Minnesota’s plan reads. "FDA's acknowledgment means that race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for [monoclonal antibodies]."

Utah’s plan contains similar language. In a section on the "Ethical Justification for Using Race/Ethnicity in Patient Selection," it notes that the FDA  "specifically states that race and ethnicity may be considered when identifying patients most likely to benefit from this lifesaving treatment."

Allow me to share Raj’s take on this situation, and please forgive the language but when passion runs high language tends to get salty: “When government f*cks with you, you have to f*uck with the government.” That’s my Raj. And that’s probably all I should say on the subject.

But if I were you I’d file that insight away in case you ever need to follow it.

dog what the hayI may not look it but I identify as a dog