Friday, January 14, 2022

The First Rule of Vaccine Mandates

My, my. The world seems shocked that the Supreme Court’s ruling on vaccine mandates for private employers was based (mostly) on the Constitution. I’m so old that I remember when that was the minimal expectation for such rulings. The more interesting question was which clause/amendment the majority Justices would twist to justify their unconstitutional ruling. (NOTE: it was usually the Commerce Clause)

Of course the bigger concern should be that there were three Justices who felt the mandate should stand (Constitution be damned). Suffice to say the Potato President agrees with those three and hence encourages employers to ignore the ruling and mandate the vaccines – which are not working as advertised – anyway.

Meanwhile the VP responds to questions about whether it’s time for the Presidents-Biden-Harris Administration to change up their ineffective COVID strategy. Her response:


Kamala: the only woman in America who can make Hillary appear to be “viable.” Well done Kammie, well done. I hereby nominate our VP for president of the Tautology club.