Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Stay Calm And Carry On

little-mo-MOTUS-beret-copy5  Little Mo reporting:

Dateline Park City, UT: I don’t want to start a “conspiracy Theory,” but my co-conspirators, MOTUS and Raj have both been infected with the Wuhan Cootie. Hmmmmmm???

Raj was first, showing symptoms the day after Christmas, the very day we were supposed to make cookies! Next came MOTUS, just in time to scrap our New Years festivities. I’m not at risk because I have Diplomatic Immunity.

Raj got his monoclonal antibody army infused last Friday and is doing much better. MOTUS on the other hand, gave us a scare last night when she awoke (not “woke”) around 3:00 AM disoriented with shakes. Raj and I whisked her off to Park City Hospital’s emergency room where they determined, as MOTUS suspected, that she was dehydrated and her electrolytes were out of whack.





Because the MOTUS Krewe was COVID positive, we were not allowed to accompany her and had to wait in the car for information, violating gleefully Summit County’s “No Idle” law to stay warm; 24 degrees F and snowing. After a couple of hours, we got the news that MOTUS was being admitted to the hospital to receive electrolytes via IV.

At first, they thought she might be topped off and ready to go this afternoon, but later decided to keep her over night. I’m not sure if it was the hospital making that overnight call or MOTUS herself. Not to disparage Raj’s skills in the kitchen, but he’s not quite up to Souse Chef yet and Park City Hospital’s Silver King Cafe has been heralded since it’s opening as one of the destination dining spots in the Wasatch back.

The worst part of this situation is MOTUS has no PC, no tablet, no kindle, no phone charger and the hospital, while superb in the food department, is a major fail in the cable tee vee department. NO HALLMARK channel for crying out loud!

So I leave you with MOTUS direction for today: Stay Calm and Carry On. She will return to your screens shortly.