Thursday, January 6, 2022

Throwback Thursday: TV Edition

little-mo-MOTUS-beret-copy5_thumb2  Little Mo reporting:

Dateline Park City: MOTUS is feeling much better this morning having a full day of electrolyte cocktails, Personally, I prefer martinis, but then…

So, I know you are all anxious to hear a report on MOTUS most important treatment results food and TV. As reported yesterday, and confirmed by MOTUS,  the food at the Park City Hospital’s Silver Star Cafe is supoib. TV, not so much.

How can a “celebrity” hospital in a town that hosts the Sundance Festival serve up such a week cheese cable lineup. They must know how important quality entertainment is to a patient’s recovery. So why no “every show has a happy ending” Hallmark Channel? Why no throwback to the good ole’ days channels like





Heros & Icons


or COZI featuring MOTUS old boss at RightNetwork


Great TV shows from way back when TV and America was Great!

So discuss among yourselves what are your favorite throwback Tv shows and where can we watch them or any other throwback topic that suits your fancy.

And remember: Keep Calm And Carry On.