Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grand Canyon: Sweet

Well I just heard about our little jaunt out west next weekend. It sure would be nice if someone could give me a little more notice on these out-of-the-beltway trips. For one thing, it takes awhile to adjust all of my internal nano-opticals to compensate for the refraction of the direct overhead solar light we will be experiencing in the Grand Canyon. And the geysers at Yellowstone will require an additional de-humidifying sensor.

And lord knows what MO will be packing for such hot weather fun. I’m just hoping she’s not going with the halter tops again, because honestly, they can be challenging. And after the burger, fries and shake stop on Thursday and the Gelato stop yesterday, well, I’m just saying…

Not that I’m particularly thrilled about going out west, but it does present some interesting professional challenges. For example, I’ve never  been required to trans-image a real cow before.

And making Lady M look more awesome than the Grand Canyon? That, my friend, if I can pull it off, might just land me in Hollywood.  My cousin Madge, who works as a trans-imaging add-on for a lot of big time studio cameras (she’s worked on shoots of Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz and, recently, Sharon Stone) gave me a couple of boiler-plate contracts to bring along, just in case.