Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It’s Good To Be King (and Queen)

Honestly, can you believe all this blathering going on about Lady M’s staff size and payroll? All of a sudden it’s as hot a topic as the discussions about euthanizing granny down at the town hall’s.

Come on. In the scheme of things are 24 staffers at a payroll of $1.6 million a year that big of a deal? I mean, Obama-care alone is going to be trillions of dollars, this is totally going to get lost in the rounding.

Besides, there are a few things all you smarty-pants bloggers out there don’t know: first of all, these are all important administrative positions: people who deal with facts, schedules, speeches… stuff to make MO sound smart. The 24 does not include the positions that make her look sharp, overlooked but equally important jobs.

Since that’s primarily my responsibility, the buck does stop here. So to speak. Please note: I don’t get paid a dime. I was born to the noblesse oblige tradition, and feel it’s an honor to serve our first family (although I wouldn’t mind a night off every now and again.) Of course, to give Lady M a little boost before I spin my magic, she does have a 24/7 staff of hair,nail and makeup specialists. They’re not counted in the 24, as they aren’t, strictly speaking, administrative: more ministerial.

And remember, Lady M gave up a big time $350k a year “public service” job to move here with BO and the girls. And she had just gotten a 200% salary increase after Big Guy won the senate seat, so don’t tell me she didn’t sacrifice plenty to take this gig. Do you think she’d still be wearing JCrew sweaters if she had kept either that hospital job or her big time corporate law firm job? Don’t be silly, we’d be wrapped up in ZILLI vicuna cashmere, head to foot.


And besides, having been a public servant herself, Lady M knows how indispensable they can be. Take her, for example. When she left her VP of Community Relations job at the University of Chicago Hospitals to come here to do the work of the American people, they couldn’t find anyone to take her place. So they eliminated the job.