Sunday, August 23, 2009

Images of a Pre-Post-Partisan Era

We were really disappointed that the rumor about us going to the big Chelsea wedding over at Ted and Mary’s turned out not to be true.

I was practicing a little on some of the old the trans-images I have stored in my hard drive from those wonderful Clinton years in the White House, and I was going to pull a little trick on Bill and Hill with my time decompressed imaging system:


They both have such a great sense of humor. I was looking forward to making them laugh again, like they used to when they talked about  the “vast rightwing attack machine”; and, later,about the odds of any young upstart beating Hill in the presidential sweeps.

Sometimes I find myself getting a little nostalgic for the good times we had in the ‘90’s. Then I remember all the flying objects in the White House that I had to keep ducking. It was a little nerve racking.

Anyway, I just hope the rumor about Tiger Woods playing golf with the Big Guy is true. I would really love to have him sign my photo album.