Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Liberal Lyin’

Well, we packed up and left the island last night for the big doings in Boston. Dinner with some swells Friday night, and then on to the big speech today. Well, technically it’s a funeral.

Expect BO’s deeply personal eulogy - that the speech writers worked on right through the night – to be profoundly moving oratory. We desperately need a little boost in the polls. Big Guy will talk about the poor, the oppressed, the forgotten. And he’ll point out how you can only count on big hearted Democrats like him and Ted to tax only the rich in order to take care of them. I’m guessing it’s a good thing they didn’t hold the wake back in Hyannis Port.  The last draft of the speech I saw contained a moving wrap up about granting Ted’s last wish: that the socialized health care bill get passed and named after him. It ended with a gratuitous “Win one for the Skipper!” that the head speech writer threw out, saying any water-related reference was verboten.

I’m not at liberty to divulge what Lady M will be donning for the big send-off tomorrow, although we’ve been styling all day. Let’s just say it will be stunning, but understated. It’s ok to look better than the stiff, but not too much better.

And Big Guy will be wearing his standard bespoke suit, with a little  red, white and blue “Kennedy-Kare” ribbon above his heart.