Sunday, August 30, 2009

Post-Racial Dressing

Everything went perfectly at the "big dig" for the Liberal Lyin’. Big Guy gave his speech and made everybody cry – which they were supposed to do this time. Lady M wowed the crowd in her Moschino black bow-tie blouse, with a black skirt and black heels.

bow and bustleSort of a bustle and bow look we were going for here. I know it doesn’t show up very well, being black on black –and don’t be a smart ass, I mean black bow on a black blouse - so here’s what it looks like in white.

white bowIt’s better in black. As you can see there was nothing I could do to make the white one look like anything other than a bib at Red Lobster.

I don’t know why Lady M buys so many of the same things in different colors. Some staffers suggested it has something to do with all the racism she had to endure growing up – you know, before she was proud of being an American? But the real insiders money is on obsessive compulsive disorder.

And just for the record, as I predicted in the “What Would Jackie kennedy_funeral Wear” post, this was a recycle of the outfit we wore for our audience with the pope. We just ditched the coat and veil, which was definitely a smart move. Oh yeah, and we got a new skirt that fit better.

The MSM loved the look, of course. Most of them don’t know what old money looks like anyway.

If it were up to me, I would have stuck with the pearls, but MO likes to wear things with confidence.