Sunday, August 30, 2009

Post Vacation Wrap

We missed a round of golf and dinner with some really, really rich people on Friday, but duty called, and we had to jet off for Uncle Ted’s wake. It’s ok though, we scored more points with the speech than a golf match and dinner ever could have

For those of you who doubted me about Big Guy’s “deeply personal speech”, there’s this from the Chicago Tribune:

While the temptation might have been to focus largely on Kennedy's public face, the president had something else in mind while he worked on the speech. He wanted it to be a personal message, an aide said, focusing on Kennedy's impact as "a friend, legislator, mentor, colleague and family member."
For help, the president turned to his usual speech team, including his lead writer, Jon Favreau. The president also relied heavily on Cody Keenan, a former speechwriter for Kennedy

Because it’s hard to focus on your friend, mentor and colleague without the help of professionals who knew the Senator for years, even though you did know him for months.

Anyway, it’s back to DC for a few days before we can go on vacation again. Nothing scheduled between now and then except a big date night (undisclosed location – learned that from Cheney.)

It looks like the vacation was a complete hit with the press, except for that bike-ride-without-the helmet deal. Man, do these nanny-state wackos get cranked over nothing.

orange top

Oh, sorry. We completely apologize for the Big Guy not wearing a helmet. He would have, because he totally believes in them, except it seems his head has grown a few centimeters, and we couldn’t find one big enough to fit.

That’s our story, and we’re sticking with it.