Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shoes For America

Ok, ok. For those of you dying to know who designed the shoes that Lady M was wearing the day the royal family returned from the Vineyards, I’ve got the scoop.

maison martin margiela

They are MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA. These very special designer shoes are asymmetric, toe loop sandals. Margiela is a Belgian designer, known for his minimalist, avant garde designs. His name is relatively low profile, but widely celebrated within the inner circles of the fashion industry – which is to say expensive. They are only available to a select group of clients.

But as you can see, we got them on sale for a rather reasonable $504 – that’s 30% off! And we didn’t even have to ask.

That’s what we expect to happen with the health care plan too: Asymmetric price reductions without having to ask, but still expensive, a little loopy, minimalist, low profile, and generally available to only a select group.