Tuesday, September 1, 2009

But They Still Love Us at MSNBC

This has been a pretty boring day at the White House. We can’t even go out for ice cream because MO packed on a big 1-0 while we were schlepping around the Vineyard. I guess we should have done a little more biking and lighthouse climbing, and a little less “fried-everything” at Nancy’s.

bIKER NO HELMUT fried nancy's

Add to that the fact that Andre Leon Talley, a brother over at Vogue, seemed to be dissing Lady M a bit in the latest edition, and I’m guessing no treats for a week:

The Vogue offices are full of what I call very annnnnnnngular women wearing stilettos, and maybe that’s just the consciousness—that people think that they need this look when they work at Vogue. But Grace Coddington does not fit that mold and she’s elegant. Look at Michelle Obama, she’s the most fashionable woman in America. But she’s not a fashion plate.

At best it was a left-handed compliment. But then, what other kind would we expect from a man who freely admits this…?

Do you watch television at home?
I only watch MSNBC for the news. Keith, Rachel and Chris. And reruns of The Golden Girls. It’s my favorite show.