Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Replacements and Diversions

Since I’m not technically one of the “girls” that Gibbsy issued the “HANDS OFF! WE’RE ON VACATION” command about, I thought I’d take this opportunity for a little bit of shameless self-promotion.

Some of my new visitors have requested additional information about me and my career in the White House. In the interest of transparency, which we’re all about now, I’ve placed a convenient link for your future use in the right column.

Click on the mirror in my MOTUS BACKGROUND CHECK to learn more about my amazing trans-imaging powers (or at least as much as I’m allowed to divulge).


Click through my family photo album too. Feel free to send me pictures of my many other relatives, who are scattered far and wide (although none as far and wide as my brother Hub).

ME BEING POLISHED-220greybutton copy

I’ve also included a link to my absolutely favorite blog: Dewey From Detroit.  His fashion sense is non-existent, but he’s kind of cute and fun anyway.


More on the Rock later. Just don’t tell Gibbsy.