Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Full Moon Rising

There’s going to be some serious unpleasantness around the Big White today.

It seems somebody left this article about transforming butt fat into bigger hooters laying around on the private dining table. Lady M is furious. She’s called in the White House CSI unit (who hasn’t had much to do since the Clinton administration) to dust for fingerprints.

I sure hope they come up with some (I’m secretly wishing they belong to Toes) otherwise MO’s going to think it was either me or TOTUS.  My defense,however, that this would serve contrary to my self-interest and future job security should prove convincing. As for TOTUS, well,  he’s clean and articulate and almost always has an air tight alibi.

totus 2

Even the Big Guy isn’t off the hook, because Lady M  is demanding to know if this type of surgery will be covered under his “so-called health reform.” I told you it was going to get ugly.