Friday, September 18, 2009

The “Happy Talk” Season

We have a new assignment! Happy-Face Healthcare Czarina. Yep, FLOTUS and I will be going out to put a soft, happy-face spin on the “complex, highly partisan issue” of Obamacare. MO will be in charge of selling the plan, and I’m in charge of making her look like she’s smiling.We’ll be watching this “Happy-Talk” video for a few do and don’t pointers.

The best part about this assignment: we’ll need some new “sharing/caring” clothes to wear. And fortunately, New York Fashion Week just wrapped up. I’ll just have to jot down the clothes Lady M liked and have one of her 36 assistants call up the designers to have them super-sized.

But back to the plan: MO is assigned to go out and make soccer moms sign up for BO’s Healthcare plan. Because they’re a touchy-feely lot that can easily be manipulated persuaded by a famous person. Like Oprah. Only now we think MO’s even more powerful, because of her famous toned arms.

Anyway, everyone seems to agree.

“A wise White House will deploy the first lady’s credibility, background and experience in support of the president. She is his partner, and she has an enormous platform to use. She can bring a lot of visibility to certain aspects of the issue; the president can’t do everything,” said McBride.

I don’t know who “McBride” is, but I do know he/she’s going to have his/her ass handed to him/her for that crack about Lady M’s “enormous platform.”  Not only is it insulting, but she could just as well be talking about Hillary Clinton. And we all know how well her health care “platform” turned out.


PS. Joey B just called to see if Lady M and I wanted to be wenches tomorrow at the festivities. I have no idea what he’s talking about, but I have a feeling I better look into it pronto.