Monday, September 14, 2009

Let The Games Begin

It’s true! We’re going to Copenhagen! Sure, Mo will be making a pitch to win the 2016 Olympic games for Chicago – which would be great because we understand that the post-Romney Olympics will once again provide a source of endless booty (and please, no “Chicago pay to play” jokes). But zowie! Is the Danish capital a fashion-happenin’ town or what?

Check out just a couple of these shots from Copenhagen Fashion Week (which we missed; I sure wish State could coordinate these official little junkets better). We are talking fashion way-forward.

copenhagen fashion Iron Butterfly meets Carmen Miranda: from Designers Remix. Just perfect if we have to have tea with the first lady of Honduras.








copen pool 2A Stine Goya design that would be perfect at Olympic poolside competitions

copenhagen fashion week And then there’s this, from Henrik Vibskov, which would be absolutely fabulous at the next Democratic Convention acceptance speech. I’m not sure about the blond hair and nose guard, but I understand they’re optional.


purple platformsWe were a little disturbed at the lack of any models of color in this year’s lineup, and we would protest except Lady M just has to have these high-heeled sneakers from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.

They are way classier than the purple Converses, and would be perfect for a game of pick-up (don’t go there) in the White House gym. So we’ll put our principles aside for a moment, because, honey, we are not about to pay retail!

We are already packed in anticipation of mesmerizing the Danish capital with our toned upper arms and casual yet elegant style. Big Guy might even join us at the last minute for a personal spellbinding appearance. After all the flack he’s taken about his healthcare plan, it will be nice to be in a country that has banned criticism of anyone’s messiah.