Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who Knew They Still Made Pocket Protectors?

I had a great time at NASA with the astrophysics-geeks. We celebrated my brother Hub’s latest portfolio the only way egg-heads know how - playing square root and pi games on the big screen for prizes. I didn’t win anything but the grand prize was an antique slide rule that, when presented, brought the room to an awed silence.

geeks and a movie

Anyway, we did high fives to Hub all around (several times actually, geeks don’t seem to know how to graciously end things), I accepted a life-time achievement award on Hub’s behalf,then we had a couple of beers and played geek games well into the night.

I sort of wished that I’d had more time, because these guys are really nice, and they really need my fashion input and special astral projection powers. istockphoto_5202212nerdloveI mean, I guess they reproduce amongst themselves, which is good because god knows this country needs all the geeks we can get. But maybe it wouldn’t hurt to expand the gene pool just a “bit” (that passes for a joke in geek-dom).