Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Brick In The Wall

So I didn’t get a moment’s peace all weekend. It was a constant stream of reporters trying to get an exclusive on BO’s “Big Read to Children” tomorrow. I don’t like to single reporters out, because to me they all look alike, but that Andrea at MSNBC is a real pain in the ass. Not to be catty, but “meow”, it’s time to re-stretch that racket head if you know what I mean.

TOTUS was holed-up with Toes and Bags all weekend working on the scroll, so that left little old me to handle the curious. At first I was really baffled by all the questions about what the children should wear while they listen to Big Guy read. I mean, I am arguably, ”The” American fashion go to gal, but what’s the big deal? Big Guy reads to the “children” about 4 times a week, and nobody’s ever had a hard time dressing appropriately before.

Then Lady M explained that this week, BO is giving REAL CHILDREN a “Big Welcome Back To School Read”. See, around Big White, we refer to all the voters as “BO’s children” and the ones who voted for him “the chosen ones”.

Toes wanted me to recommend the new Obamacorp uniform he and Bill Ayres have been working on.

MODEL-2 copy

I told him I thought it was cute, in a 1940’s Italian fascist   fashionista sort of way, but thought we should hold it back for the  sequel to our “Big Welcome Back to School Read” : “The Big Obamacorp Read” in a few weeks .  Well you’d have thought somebody told him I voted for McCain. No one did, right?

It took Lady M to calm him down and I must say, she did it PDQ. She just pointed out how lucky he was that his only currently missing appendage was on his hand. That cheered him right up, and me and Toes are good again. Might even go to the ballet together.