Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nice Pics Bro

Here’s my brother Hub’s latest new picture from deep space. And it’s all real: Hub swore he employed no neo-refraction, trans-imaging or any other butt shrinking nano-optical tricks. These are the real deal, unlike anything in my world.

This is a picture of the stellar demise of the Planetary nebula NGC 6302, or as Hub refers to it “The Butterfly”:

butterfly nebula













Hub thinks I should get a smaller version of this pic tattooed on my lower west quadrant.I’m not sure, I hear that involves needles. Since acupuncture and pain killers will be a major component of Big Guy’s new Healthcare Plan. I think I’ll wait till then.

I’ll be posting sporadically for the next few days, as Toes (now that we’re back on good terms) is letting me take a couple of days to go down to NASA to celebrate Hub’s newest achievements with the astro-geeks.

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