Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Finally. We were getting real tired of hearing about how all of Lady M’s and Big Guy’s associates were either communists, socialists, Marxists, or, the generic Fascist. So, now we have one that is certifiably Capitalist to his core. Well, no. He doesn’t really hold an official position. But neither do any of the Czars.

Anyway, since his association with Lady M, he’s more than quadrupled his annual revenue: he’s currently on track to make $4 million this year – and he’s only 26 years old!

I know this doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, because almost everyone associated with the royal couple sees personal income increases of at least that much. But this one is unique: he’s actually earning it! By making things! That people want to buy! I kid you not. Maybe there is something to that free market hype.

But anyway, let me just do the big reveal: It’s none other than Jason Wu! He was the subject of a big spread in the WSJ. (I know. We usually hate that paper.) You remember him from the prom dress we wore at the Inaugural Ball.

Jason Wu’s sleeveless, off-white (of course) gownroyal couple laden with Swarovski crystals and fabric petals all but invented MO’s famous toned arms. Jason said of his creation: "I wanted it to look like a sign of hope." We of course thought he meant for BO’s reign presidency. In retrospect, he might have been talking about his own career. All I can say is, but for my magical projection imaging system, he’d still be pinning pattern pieces together at Narciso’s.

But no hard feelings. We understand that the son of immigrants (legal) from Taiwan might think Capitalism will provide him with a future. And besides we do love his fashion sense. Wait till you see what he’s designed for our next prom; seriously, to-die-for. It’s festooned with real ostrich feathers. By then I expect the ACORN probes will force quite a few of us to join our MSM pals and stick our heads in the ground. So the theme should work well.


We’ll just have to hike that belt up a little higher: to show off Lady M’s narrow waist.