Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It Runs In the Family

Lady M and the girls went to Children’s Medical Center yesterday to READ to the kids, their parents and caregivers! Can you believe it? A whole family full of readers. They are truly blessed.


For their reads, MO chose “The Night Before Christmas”, while Sasha and Malia took turns reading from “Snowmen at Night”. Despite the word “Christmas” in the title of MO’s read, it has been approved by the Secularists Against Christmas group, as it is officially a 99.8% secular read.


“Look Mom! I can get my arms around the First Lady! I can be your belt, Mrs. O!”







Poor Bo. He still hasn’t learned how to read. But he’s doing much better in the “leaving presents” behind department.





I don’t as a rule comment on the girls at all, but I just can’t help pointing out how cute Malia looks in this mini-ME outfit: cuffs, layers, cardigans and multiple bangles on her wrist. But thank goodness she has the good sense to realize that she’s too young for those belts yet.



After her lively reading, she handed the floor over to Sasha and Malia who, alternating pages, read "Snowmen at Night" . .. At the mention of hot chocolate in the story, Malia interjected that the mom in chief makes a fine cup of cocoa. Then, Obama asked for a repeat of a particularly rousing sound effect as Malia read her part of the tale: Wha-hooo!

Can you do that again? asked her mom. Wha-hooo!

See? The kid is just a natural.




Bo has learned how to give high five’s (remember how adorable he was with the Oprah?). Next year we’re bringing in the dog whisperer to teach him how to do fist bumps, won’t that be irresistible on the campaign trail?

Got to get back to work now. I just found out I’ve been invited to go to Hawaii with the First Family for our Winter Solstice vacation! I’ll be on duty of course (there will be bathing suits, after all). I have a lot of packing to do, plus, we’ll be wrapping up our year-long airing of grievances later today around the Festivus Pole. I heard Rahm and Big Guy chuckling last night as they were setting it up. Something about having done a great job sticking it up. I guess they both really like the grievance thing.

I sure hope they don’t get into that “Feats of Strength” thing though. I think we all know how that will go. Because there’s only one member of the household that has both biceps and balls.