Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Silver Belts, Silver Belts, It’s Christmas Time In Hawaii

You probably heard about the Obama’s in Oahu Winter Solstice holiday. But what to pack? Lady M has been in a tizzy.

We’ve got the leis covered: laua juneJune Luau






Market  luau, August

But the rest of the wardrobe is problematic. It’s warm in Hawaii this time of year, so our signature cardigans are probably going to look even less appropriate than usual.

232x327 232x272 sweaterr 232x334      mvomit Michelle-Obama-portera-la-cuissarde-sans-talon_mode_une copenhagen3 BIG RED BELT child work 232x351

That leaves only the sundresses , belts and shorts.

mo leapneeds-more-boob-belt slide_1204_18446_large strapped slide_1204_18451_large

shorts michelle

God help us if she decides to combine all three, because, let’s face it, Lady M doesn’t have Jennifer’s hair.