Sunday, December 20, 2009

When Snarks Attack: 2

Well it’s time for my new weekly segment, the Snark Attack Of The Week Contest. Before starting this weeks big contest, I want to send out Hugs & Kisses to the millions of bloggers who voted for their favorite Snark Attack, even if it was their own.

And now … drum roll please … the winner of the first ever MOTUS Snark Attack Of The Week Contest and recipient of this weeks “Golden FLOTUS” is:

Mrs. P “… solar panel heating.”

Mrs. P award-final- copy

Congratulations Mrs. P. You may proudly display your “Golden FLOTUS” on your mantle, dashboard, website or anywhere else you choose. And congratulations to all of my finalists; you are all winners in the progressive world of “contests.” But here, in the real world, the final count shows Mrs. P kicked your tuchus.

Some of you may have gotten more votes if all blog readers were equipped with the latest text translation apps like me & TOTUS, or a household 5 year old to interpret : bettyann writes “… My daughter, a fashion legend in her own mind, reads this blog. Now I know what OMG OMG OMG means…”

But remember, there will be a chance to win every week (if by every week you mean when I feel like it) and there may even be fabulous prizes, if we get a big new stimulus package. So, let the games begin (and once again, let me remind you, Chicago rules apply!) :

Nominees For The Week Of

December 13-19, 2009

(comments may be edited by moi)

  1. chiron: "He Put In His Thumb, and Pulled Out a Plum…":
    ....I must say, the only thing with any balls in that picture is the Christmas tree.
  2. Moright: "They’re Both Batt-y":
    Remember the Jimmy Carter years, folks? The sweaters? The gas lines? The failed presidency? The Snuggie may become the emblem of this Zero presidency.
  3. Cinderella: "They’re Both Batt-y":
    … Do you suppose we'll see him appearing at Williams Sonoma next week to hawk the newest in non stick cookware? How about a stop at Saks to pass out samples of the latest miracle skin cream?
    Does this man have nothing better to do with his time?
  4. AnnieCarmel: "Lady M’s Holiday Gift Return Policy":
    Notice that Grandma comes after the dog...just wondering when she'll send Grandma out to the local parks to pick up dog poop as she suggested during the campaign for all seniors to make themselves "useful". Maybe Grandma can escape the Park detail...probably enough poop to pick up in Big White alone.
  5. bettyann: "Warming Hearts and Minds In Copenhagen":
    SELL MY HARLEY!!? It may be cold in Copenhagen, but hell has not yet frozen over. The house goes back to the bank first!
    Besides, without a Harley, how is a girl supposed to cope with hot flashes?

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