Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekly Contest: When Snarks Attack

Obama_bow_bk picture via Touched By Fire. Mmm, mmm, mmmm

Welcome to MOTUS’ new Sunday feature: When Snarks Attack

You wrote, I quote, now time to vote. Each week I’ll highlight the best, pithiest comments from your weekly, uh, commentary.

So, I know, you want to know “how do I get nominated”? Ok, here’s how: post an especially snarky, pithy comment (sign with your “handle” if posting Anonymously or we might think you’re a troll from FOX). If that doesn’t work out for you, email me and I will send you a link to “Organizing for America” where you can contribute as little as $10, or as much as you think it will take. Here’s another hint: read rule #3 carefully.

Here are the rules:

  1. Nominees are selected by a double secret committee who will not be identified and will remain on the committee until Toes needs a fall guy.
  2. Members of Team Obama, Big White staff, DNC Talking Points staff as well as members of the White House Press Obama-Corps, including Reich Marshall Keith Olbermann, are ineligible unless they post comments as “Anonymous”.
  3. Any comment highlighting something glorious or historic about our leader or leaderette, and ending with “MMM, MMM, MMM” will be immediately nominated as a finalist.
  4. Anyone can vote for their favorite nominee, which - as is the case in many elections – may be against the ones you hate.

Word of warning: I am a dedicated member of Team Obama, so the rules can be changed, at any time and without warning. At my discretion, and especially when big contributors or members of the supportive media are involved, the rules may not be enforced at all, or they may be interpreted to favor our friends.

Now go do your patriotic duty as a loyal American and cast your vote(s). Did I mention that Chicago rules apply?

Nominees For The Week Of
December 6-12, 2009
(comments may be edited by moi)

1.FROM Golden Geese Land in Oslo:

chiron said...
What is with that gold number? She looks like a Capt. Morgan barmaid passing shots at a Tyger Woods Christmas BBQ.

2.FROM Golden Geese Land in Oslo:

Cinderella said...
OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG.............

3.FROM Golden Geese Land in Oslo:

Mrs. P said...
The first ensemble must be the First Lady's nod to solar panel heating.

4.FROM Kennedy Center: Doo Wa’s and Hoo-ha’s:

Lulu said… I'll bet Scarlett never went through what Michelle Antoinette had to during the shoehorning into that gown. Her muffin top that usually erupted from the top of her high-rise Spanx moved upward significantly. Poor little squashed boobies!

5.FROM The Golden Goose Has Landed:

FLDemFem said...
I just saw Tim Gunn give some fashion advice on one of those little Falala thingys from Lifetime. Meechelle should take heed. He said, "If it looks like it belongs on the tree, it doesn't belong on you."

Cast your votes now, and track the results all week.

Keep your snark-a-licious comments rolling in and we’ll have a new contest next Sunday.