Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big White’s Open Door Policy

OK people. You can calm down, so we had a couple extra guests for breakfast, what’s the big deal? So what if they showed up for a tour of the Big White on the wrong day? We just showed them some D.C. hospitality, for goodness sake – we were having breakfast anyway.

And besides, it happened way last month, on Veteran’s Day: long before Crasher-gate. This is just another example of FOX News trying to make us look sloppy and incompetent.

state dinner impostersjoeyb and gatecrashersstate crashers

Honestly, we don’t need their help.




We just happen to have the most open, transparent administration ever. And we’ve demonstrated that we welcome all sides into the Big White. Remember?


We even invited that cop who acted stupidly over for a beer.




So our policy from day one has always been that we welcome all of the American people into our gracious home.

Some of our friends:

    valerie jarrett desiree snobcheryl crow  reid-pelosipalin oprah2

Some of our enemies:

sd7carla5 clintonsEPA2311_468x420

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is welcome here.

Well, almost everyone. Hospitality does have its limits.