Monday, December 14, 2009

Bowing To Tradition

Sunday was another big day. We were all over the television networks. And we also continued with our plans to celebrate the great American non-denominational, diversity-approved holiday of Festivus later this month,(in truth, we’ve been celebrating all year: at least with respect to the “airing of grievances” tradition) In the evening there was another lovely Christmas in Washington party and concert. A lovely celebration. And Lady M looked lovely too in a sleeveless, pleated little black jersey number:


associated press_marilyn_monroe_seven_yr_itch_L slide_4045_56536_large

Does it remind you of anything? That’s right. Marilyn didn’t wear stockings either!

It was another star-filled evening (aren’t they all, when the O’s appear?) marred only by one teensy little slip up. Big guy mistook Santa’s elves for some of the little royals from across the pond, and did one of his signature royal bows:

bo bow to royal elves 


He finally got low enough to realize his error, and felt a little bit sheepish.





Over all though, he gave himself a B+ for the performance. More on Oprah and 60 Minutes later.