Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Inflation In the White House (I’m Not Talking Cleavage)

Did you all see us on the Oprah show Sunday night?  It was magical. Well, ok, it was scripted - but then, what isn’t? It was really cute. Little Bo did his performance (no, not that performance) in the hall way.michelle-obama-oprah-dog

Then we had some  playful sparring over who gives the best presents around here. Just between you and me, neither MO or BO would make the top 10 list in that category (I’m sure the Queen and Gordie B would agree with me). But those two O’s – they compete over everything!


The three sugar plum fairies

As I told you earlier, we wore a plunging neckline, sugar plum velvet dress (Azzedine Alaia,who also designed our Spanx/Speedo gown for the Nobel party) which coordinated with Oprah’s dress in a lighter shade of prune and Big Guy’s tie. And you wonder why we have 12 stylists on staff? These things don’t just happen, people.


I tried to refract Lady M’s dress length a bit longer over the gangly knees, but one of Lady M’s dozen stylists insisted that this is how she wanted it to look. I better spend some time catching up on my In Style mags this weekend. Apparently knock-kneed, bow-legged is an emerging fashion forward trend that we are promoting this season. I’m not sure how this turns into a money maker for Ikram or anyone else, however. Maybe it’s the leg glosser we’re promoting.


Then we got into the serious stuff: Oprah asked Big Guy how he would grade his first year as President. Good thing we practiced this one, because originally BO was going to say A+. Rahmbo said that might be going just a bit too far. So Big Guy gave himself "a good solid B-plus." I guess there’s been some grade inflation since I came out of the NASA Academy. Anyway, he said it’s a B+ because he hasn’t been able to get everything done yet, like Obamacare and Cap and Tax Trade. If he had gotten those through, it would’ve slid -along with his ratings - to a solid “F.”

So what do we have to be grateful for his year? The Tea Parties, ClimateGate leakers and Congress. Thanks for holding those bills up, guys.