Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lady M’s Holiday Gift Return Policy

Not to be outdone by Big Guy, Lady M played Santa Claus yesterday,  handing out hundreds of donated “holiday” toys.232x279

Just like BO, she got her toys for redistribution from an extortion scheme too:

Earlier this month, when she unveiled the White House Christmas decorations, Obama also kicked off a toy collection drive to benefit Toys for Tots. So far, White House staff have donated some 500 gifts including board games and Legos and at least one spectacular Barbie Corvette.

You can bet that whoever donated that corvette is going to get a nice “holiday” stimulus this year, compliments of the O’s and the American people.

For the occasion MO wore a festive multi-holiday black and white tweed jacket that the press keeps calling a “pea jacket” but since none of them have ever served in the military they don’t  know what a real pea jacket looks like.

Note: no belt navy pea



This, for all you fashion-challenged dweebs, is properly known as a trapeze jacket. Just the thing for hiding those pesky holiday handles under it’s swingy shape.







Above, MO is advising a Toys for Tots volunteer that she’ll have to take the goodies back after the photo-op, because this is just the first stop on our tour.

She made up for taking the toys back by conferring good wishes on the Marines and the rest of the little people in attendance:

"On behalf of the President, Malia, Sasha, Bo and Grandma, we wish everybody a happy holidays, Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, anybody who's out there celebrating anything: happy!"

Big Guy better watch out, Lady M is becoming nearly as eloquent and articulate as he is: and without a teleprompter.


butt0x“I need this one back if you’re done playing with it.”