Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mentoring Detroit

Hoo-wee! Is it ever hot and muggy in MOtown today. Never-the-less, I’m committed to semi-live blogging Lady-M’s momentous mentoring event from Detroit. Tons of stars showed up: Michigan Guv Jenni Granholm and her first spouse Dan Mulhern-Granholm, Detroit Dems, John Conyers and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (who’s had a bad few days – more on that later) and singer Kimberly Locke.

Had I bothered to check the weather forecast, I probably could have predicted that we’d choose our hot pink sleeveless, sheer bodice, body hugging sheath with signature pin for the event:


And I don’t know who was responsible for loading Lady M’s teleprompter, but I think they put the wrong speech in – not that anyone would notice. But this was supposed to be about mentoring, I thought. Yet the whole speech sounded more like a rally for the Youth Obama Corp(se). We talked about the importance of education, hard work, responsibility – up till then it could have been a young Republican’s rally. But then we veered into all of Big Guy’s old campaign slogans, where Lady M told the kids at Wayne State not to listen to anyone who told them that they can’t do something (as if they do these days anyway), just tell them “Yes We Can!” And later, she reminded them that “You are the ones we’ve been waiting for!” and to be sure to be responsible for themselves, but also for everyone else in the neighborhood, state, country and, indeed, around the world.

That sounds like an awesome amount of responsibility, but not as long as “big important people (like Lady M) are out there rooting for you.”

Then we wrapped up by an assurance for the youth guard that “We’ll keep working for you just as long as you keep working for us!” Umm, umm, umm!

The kids really liked the part of Lady M’s speech where she told them that Barack was not born President. She said he was no more gifted or skilled than any of them. That all they had to do to be president one day was to work really, really hard and have someone who will believe in, and back them. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly who that is in Big Guy’s case, because they don’t want to come out from behind the curtain just yet.

Oh, and she also didn’t mention that the other thing they’ll be needin’ is a really good teleprompter.

Got to run now. We’re off to lunch at the Detroit Institute of Arts – where I understand they have a huge mural of the the depersonalization of the working man in industrial society by Diego Rivera done in 1932. Don’t tell me this city wasn’t visionary: imagine all those years ago knowing how popular Mexicans were going to be! Did I mention that Diego and his wife were also communists? They’re a lot more popular than they used to be too.

Better pictures later, the sun got in my reflectors, and the humidity is steaming up my live-streaming. Also more on the Kilpatrick’s Detroit dynasty.