Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicago Style

Big Guy was exhausted when he got back from his Cajun beach trip last night so we just did takeout last night: Lou Malnati deep dish pizza, ribs and Chicago style dogs.

Since we didn’t go out yesterday, I’ve been laying low. Even though  Little Bo is here, I kind of miss Raj and Little Mo. Raj had to stay back to help Ax-man find and erase any emails emanating from the Big White that might have inadvertently mentioned Representative Joe Sestak’s name. And I think he said something about having to insert a few too, maybe from President Clinton. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but Raj said he’s getting a big bonus for helping out. Must be special holiday pay.

Today Ikram is sending some new outfits over for Lady M’s consideration.  We haven’t quite decided on our summer look yet.

Here’s what Lady M wore at Thursday’s historic kickoff of the  Social Innovation fund – as if we need more social innovation around here:sortofasundressthingyWe seem to be working with drapey, swoopy tops this season, which - even with my reverse depth-imaging system set on high – really needs the help of a Wonderbra to give us something to drape and swoop. Or maybe we could just move the belt up an inch or so…?

brown and o

Do you recognize the dress from our first historic Great Britain trip last year? (now you know why we don’t have any full length photos of Thursday’s social innovation)

Note how we’ve updated the look: no teensy short sleeved sweater, no boob belt. Could this be the end of an era?




Geometric prints, which can disguise certain figure flaws, can also create optical illusions that make you woozy if not handled carefully.


Here’s what we wore to the first ever historic Jewish American Heritage Month celebration at the Big White. Honestly, I sometimes think Smootie just makes things up as an excuse to throw a party. I don’t think this is an official holiday since it’s not on my hard drive.

For one thing, if they were serious about celebrating American Jewish Heritage month, don’t you think they would have done it before Toes was mysteriously called away on a secret mission to Israel ?

dots and corsage

Another nice drapey bodice, but the vintage Mylar mobile/corsage is a bit too reminiscent of wallpaper from the 80’s for my taste.

I’m not sure what the deal is with the dots and dashes motif we’ve got going here. Maybe we’re just practicing our Morse Code now that all our emails are going to be subject to subpoena.