Monday, May 24, 2010

Patronizing Imperials?

Or patronizing Imperials? You be the judge.

Granny Jan has accused Lady M (and Big Guy) of being Pat-ronizing. I think that might be a little harsh. What do you think?

US First Lady Michelle Obama (C) and Mexican first lady Margarita Zavala greet children during a lunch as they visit New Hampshire Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland on May 19, 2010.

Let’s see:

Patronize: “to behave in an offensively condescending manner.” Synonyms: condescend, arrogant, pretentious, snobbish, indulgently deign favor, treat as a child.

Are you kidding me? Lady M goes out of her way to keep it real. Do you think she likes to drop her “g’s,” sit with her legs apart, park her elbows on the table and pick at her teeth during dinner?

Eating ribs in public in Asheville

No. She does it so the peeps can see that she is so down with them. Patronizing indeed.  We work in soup kitchens, raise our own vegetables, build homes for Habitat, wear shorts to the Grand Canyon, eat ribs in North Carolina and bow to foreign heads of state. What else do you want from us?

“Patronizing,” for goodness sake! Where do these people get such notions?


via Atlas Shrugs

OK, on a scale of 1-10? No more than 5.5, I’d think.  And that’s not bad by Washington standards. Empress Nancy is so far off the charts we just call her 10-cubed.