Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rippin’ Up the South Lawn

An interesting wardrobe selection for the big summer kickoff of our  ‘No Fat Child’s Behinds Games’ on the South Lawn. But at least there were no hula hoops or boob belts:

WASHINGTON - MAY 25:  First lady Michelle Obama works out with Washington area students on the South Lawn of the White House on May 25, 2010 in Washington, DC. The first lady kicked of the first in a series of South Lawn summer activities for kids.Walk like a duck, with a kangaroo pouch

I know it looks like we wore our luncheon top with our breakfast workout bottoms, but we were just re-purposing that lovely L’Wren lace sweater and Talbot’s blouse thingy. It really didn’t play as well as we’d hoped the first time around as ‘serious couture.’

townhall mtg childhood obesity 4-7

But this wasn’t about fashion (obviously). Here are some of the games we came up with to get those fat behinds moving while still having zoodles of fun:

bouncing ball

The giant blueberry mind-meld; also an excellent source of antioxidants 

  I need one of those basketsi need a basket weave too

marchin for obama corp  Marchin’ for the future Obama Youth Corp(se)

 chin ball Variation on the mind-meld: Blueberry chin crunches


tight work outsFunky chicken walk, tubs of KFC await at the finish line




evil eye lip workouts; without food – always tricky






Just wanted to get these posted, gotta run now: pre-boarding for Detroit now underway! Hope to do a little live blogging from Motown.