Monday, June 14, 2010

Return of the Boob. Belt.

Lady M traveled all the way to San Diego to address the families of our brave Marines at Camp Pendleton.

lady M, old glory, feelin' proud Lady M: Proud American since 1-20-09

And since she’s been proud to be an American ever since the Won’s inauguration, she’s now all about improving the quality of life for military families. In fact, she’s made it one of her top priorities, right behind urban organic farming and moving all those kid’s fat behinds.

fuzzy logic Firmly cinched middle, but fuzzy at the margins

At Camp Pendleton she challenged Americans to come up with ways to show support for U.S. troops and their families. Just to get people’s imagination rolling, she tossed out a few suggestions: offer free museum passes, discounts and sending care packages to troops.

In return, some of our troops sent her a few suggestions of their own: stop offering terrorists free passes, stop discounting the Constitution, and get CAIR to stop sending packages of money to Hamas.

Lady M doesn’t quite know what to make of their requests. But since she was actually there to campaign for Barbara Boxer, not the Marines, it probably doesn’t matter anyhow. But she did offer them all a 20% discount on Big Guy’s books, Dreams of my Father and the Audacity of the Dope 

ammobelt Ammo boob belt, reprised for troop visit

flats nicely fitted black patent flats, to match the hair

scanner young lad runs Lady M through his scanner