Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little ‘Play’ Time

So OK, the O’s were caught sneaking out going to a play at the Kennedy Center. I know, we promised no rest until Big Guy plugged the damn hole. But come on, this isn’t the first promise we’ve broken, or the biggest. Remember “Transparency” and “Change?”  Especially that last one – don’t expect to see much of it. At least not in regards to our promise keeping skills.

So what’s the big deal? Would you rather have Big Guy plopped in front of the tee vee watching re-runs of West Wing? Believe me when I tell you, “no, you don’t.” Every time he pulls a WW marathon he gets all sorts of Hollywood ideas about how to act Presidential. If you think his natural instincts are dangerous, you don’t want to see what happens when he acts like he has a cadre of writers to clean up the mess in 60 minutes.

And frankly, I think he’s already learned way too much from President Jed Bartlet.

So OK, here’s the scoop, Big Guy and Lady M attended a performance of "Thurgood," the play about Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, on Friday night. They sat in the president's box for the sold-out performance. We didn’t think anyone spotted them.

But let’s not over react. There’s no conspiracy surrounding the lack of photographic evidence of this date-night. It’s just that the theatre has a ‘no photos’ policy. And as you all know, we revere policies around here. Far be it from Big Guy to overstep or abuse his presidential powers by circumventing policies. Even if some of our policies are preventing foreign ships from getting in to help with the Big Spill. And we couldn’t just waive the EPA regulations that  prevented Bobby Jindal from building barrier islands to protect the marshes and coastline. It’s the EPA! No sir, policies and regulations must be respected at any cost.  

Infamous Air Force One NY flyover: no policies violated here.AF1_photo1 Total cost: $328k. ‘Official’ purpose: to take this crappy picture. Official flight manifest: unavailable. Food and beverage bill: $4000. You do the math.

But to be fair, the O’s did have to cancel their Australian/Indonesian vacation in order for Big Guy to stay here and talk the oil back into the hole*, so how can you begrudge them one little night out that didn’t even include dinner after the show?

I sure hope whatever Big Guy’s going to plug the hole with this time works, because I’m really looking forward to our summer vacation – hopefully we can go back to Martha’s Vineyard (where we had a wonderful time last year) and not be bothered by that oily mess down on the Gulf coast. For the life of me I can’t imagine why Big Guy is telling everyone else they should vacation there this year. I can’t imagine that it’s going to smell very good.

It’s still a little early to confirm exactly where we’ll be vacationing, since the polling hasn’t been completed yet. And even then, it has to be cleared with Lady M. I’m betting on the Vineyard.

* thanks DeniseVB