Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Size: It Matters

I hope no one’s concerned about the US taxpayers having to pay for Lady M and the girls dream vacation in sunny southern CA. As Cammie Johnston – Lady M’s communications secretary – has explained: "Mrs. Obama is paying all appropriate expenses for private travel."

Trip details to date: Suzanne Goin’s Lucques, Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Osteria Mozza, world famous Pink’s. Stoli (straight up! that’s my girl!) at Lucques, Chianti, pizza and charcuterie at Mario’s and Polish dogs at Pinks. That seems to include enough international diplomacy to cover the costs of most of our trip. So far we figure Lady M’s personal expenses include the breathe mints, Dramamine and Nexium – and I’m fairly certain that they’re all covered under Obamacare.

You aren’t seeing many pictures from LA because any paparazzi who breached the SS lines are now the guests of the local gendarmes. And I don’t have many pics on my hard drive because Lady M – who didn’t need me since all the photographers were locked up - sent me back to the Big White for last night’s big speech. She wanted me to to do my best to help reflect Big Guy as the kind of take-charge guy we know him to be. I did my best. But when you’re dealing with a guy who takes his clues on how to act like  commander in chief from West Wing re-runs, it takes a few more gigabytes than I currently have to play with.

With all the back and forth between coasts I did forget to post this picture of Lady M and the fam enjoying the Lakers-Celtics game in her zebra safari outfit.

michelle glasses-thumb-500x399-21842

But this one is much more interesting to me:

NBA Finals Celtics Lakers B

Who are those 2 giants standing behind the ladies? I’m no artist, but my perspective software pack tells me there’s something very wrong here. If this is some kind of new fangled software, I’m going to have to get my hands on it.


Assuming it works both ways, I could use it to make MO look smaller and BO bigger!

smaller still

This has to be something the Secret Service is testing. It could be the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for! I’m going to Tweet Raj right away and have him track it down through his CIA sources.

Maybe Big Guy can even use it to make the damn hole look smaller.