Saturday, November 27, 2010

May America Live Long and Prosper

I’ll file a more complete report later on MO and BO (and “Bo- Bo’s” [ poor little Bo, he hates that nickname!]) Thanksgiving and interview with Baba Wawa. Butt here’s a quick summary of the ABC special:

ht_p112310ps-1389_101124_ssh Brown: it’s the new black. Baba didn’t get the memo.


bw_tg_special Baba and Big Guy bow to Bo-Bo (!)

We’re proud we rammed Obamacare up your butts. We’ve stabilized the economy with our Porkulus plan and the economy is growing, if you know how to count the Washington way.

Big Guy’s looking forward to being a partner with Cuba, once they “turn the corner” – unclear what that means since they’ve already taken every left hand turn there is to turn. Maybe he was talking about us. Unclear, I’ll try to get clarification.

BO would be upset if terrorists blew up a bunch of people in the air and he couldn’t tell the American people that “we X-rayed your privates in order to prevent it” - which of course it didn’t, if he had to tell them that. Butt at least he can say we did everything possible. Or something.

And he still prays everyday, ending every Grace before dinner with the Vulcan salute, “Live Long and Prosper.” No, wait, that’s not it: “we hope we live long and strong." Same same: it’s both a greeting and farewell.


Also, Big Guy said he doesn’t waste his time thinking about Sarah Palin, as he spends all his time being the best president he can possibly be (no one doubts that).

Oh, and don’t worry about Big Guy’s fat lip: occupational hazard.

fat lip Big Guy suffered a split lip when he caught an elbow being the best president he can possibly be.

He just took an elbow during his daily devotional. It was not, as previously reported, the hand of God.