Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Obama’s Leave it to the Beavers

  incoming INCOMING! DUCK!


Just a  quick Sunday re-cap of some of the photo shoots I wasn’t around to reflect live this weekend, in no particular chronological order.

Here we are receiving this year’s Big White Winter Holiday tree:

2 flower





















For this very important event, Lady M chose Tattersall plaid slacks, and a lovely feminine blouse  accessorized by one of our favorite J.Crew  sequined sweaters:


FireShot- This is how it is sometimes worn (in pink) - if you decide not to make a statement with the ruffles and gathers:


Wee Won One chose purple velveteen pipe-legged pants with matchy shoes, while Wee Won Two made her own statement with a very nice postmodern version of Lady M’s closet:


plaid tights, tight, striped tee, bunchy shorts, mini-sweater, dual squirty flowers and go-with-anything blue shoes. This girl’s got game.

And speaking of game, here’s the family at Uncle Craig’s Oregon State Beaver’s big game:

check it out  Big Guy, Granny R, SIL Kelly Robinson with son, Lady M, Wee Won Two and Wee Won One. 

Homage to Thanksgiving pumpkin pie?  Halloween hangover? Sale on boxed sets? None of the above. Colors from the coast: Uncle Craig’s Beavers team spirit colors.

kelley   Granny R doesn’t seen too thrilled does she? Oh, BTW, that’s Kelly, holding Granny R’s youngest grandson sitting next to her.  They get lost in the crowd when the O’s are around.

 santa belt

Cinched up for Beaver support. And NO, this was not appropriated from one of our Clydesdales:


Never the less, nice entry into our Boob Belt hall of fame.

But back to the game, need I mention:  We Won! Oregon Beavers defeat the Howard Bison, 84-74. You would think father/daughter would look a little bit happier about that:

father daughter Butt, to be fair, Big Guy’s got a fat lip.And Wee Won One has her parental units. You know how it is being a tween.

I know I missed the Martha’s Table Thanksgiving Turkey Drop too, butt you’ve all pretty well covered that one.


I just wanted to note a couple of things. Lady M was packin’ the fresh fruits and vegetables for the feast, so no snarking about not practicing what she preaches, OK? Although the bananas and oranges are not from her magic organic garden.

Secondly, that is not a Mooslim head scarf around her neck. It’s a luncheon napkin. In case your set arrived one short.

plate FireShot-_2   mo napkin

TAB_NAP_PURP-2TI report, you decide.